Gourmet Tramping Food

Tramping food doesn’t always have to be about muesli bars for breakfast, crackers and cheese for lunch and curry and rice for dinner. So often when we are on a tramping trip we want celebrate an event or a special achievement, only to be disappointed that we could not pull it off for one reason or another. Packing in luxury food items and pulling off a stunning meal on a single gas cooker might be a bit more of a challenge, but it is not impossible, it just takes a little more planning. So in this chapter we wanted to include some luxury recipes and some decadent food ideas, to give you the inspiration to celebrate.

Many of these special occasions take place on our weekend adventures, which means that in general we can consider taking a little more fresh food and spending just a bit more time to create that culinary masterpiece. Gammon steaks or Christmas mince tarts may sound difficult to manage, but both are very easy to cook in a normal frying pan and will certainly impress your fellow trampers. So take up the challenge and celebrate good food and good friends.