Easy Cooking with Rapid Boil Stoves

Most of the recipes in my “Quick and Easy” outdoor cook book have been designed for the rapid boil stove cooking systems. Many of them are able to be cooked in just one pot, further reducing the need for extra cooking equipment.

Rapid Boil Stove Systems

These rapid boil stoves are fast becoming a very popular cooking system with many outdoor enthusiasts. Designed primarily to boil water in a very short space of time they appeal to many adventurers seeking simple quick-cook meals. Their compact all-in-one style makes them very quick to set up and ignite, while their modern engineering makes them very efficient to use.

As their principle purpose is to boil water they are perfect for cooking hot water meals. These days if I am tramping solo, then this is my preferred camping stove system. I just love being able to stop when and where I want to quickly set up my rapid boil stove for a hot water meal on the go.

Much of this book is dedicated to providing tempting and delicious hot water meals, and the rapid boil stove is perfect for this job. Where possible I have tried to include as much information as I can to assist you in getting the best results out of these meals. I recommend that you experiment at home with both your own particular stove and the type of meals you most prefer.

There maybe a little more work in preparing the basic hot water meal in advance at home, but once on the trail most rapid boil stove owners just love using the sort of hot water meals this book suggests.