Weekend Tramping Food

Weekend tramping offers the opportunity to make up some really exciting and delicious meals, while providing the choice of many fresh ingredients not normally associated with tramping food. In this section we want to make it easy for you to select the meals that suit your needs and provide you with the recipes that help make your weekend in the outdoors a great experience.

In most cases we have offered recipes using fresh food, which as you will have seen in our earlier introduction chapters on food durability/storage, will normally be quite suitable for two or three days. We have also tried to provide a balance between offering exciting and interesting meals, with the practicality of tramping weight/space considerations.

Some recipes in this section, like pancakes, will certainly be suitable for longer tramping trips, but have been included here for convenience. While a few recipes feature homemade items, such as muffins, which are easier to take readymade.