Quick and Easy dehydrating options

Not all dehydrated meals are created equal. To achieve good quality dehydrated meals, especially those that taste good, then you will need to follow some of the techniques we are suggesting in Quick and Easy. It is not all that difficult to prepared high quality dehydrated meals at home and you will be surprised at range of foods you can include.

Cooking and dehydrating rice

As an example by dehydrating rice at home you can reduce the cooking time considerably when you are out camping. This means that you don’t have to rely on store bought packet instant rice. Simply choose your favourite rice, cook it as recommended, and then dehydrate it ready for use.

  • Short grain white rice – cook 15 minutes – dehydrate 3 hours and rehydrate for 10 minutes
  • Long grain white rice – cook 20 minutes – dehydrate 3 hours and rehydrate for 10 minutes
  • Brown rice – cook 40 minutes – dehydrate 4 hours and rehydrate 15 minutes

Now Just add boiling water and you can enjoy your favourite rice meals in minutes,