Quick and Easy 

One Pot Meal for the New Zealand Outdoors

Published in August 2016 by Paul Garland – A5 format with soft cover and 124 pages in full colour

This book is written especially for those outdoor adventurers who are now using the modern rapid boil stove systems. These fast burning stoves which boil water in minutes are changing the way we think about quick and easy meals in the outdoors. These stoves offer a whole new way of camp cooking and this book explores some of the many interesting and enjoyable meals that can be created in minutes using this system.

This book looks at many ways to create quick and easy meal options using:

  • Rapid Boil Stove Systems
  • Standard Portable Gas Stoves
  • Fry Pan Cooking
  • Food Flask Cooking
  • Plastic Bag Cooking

One main aims of this book is to provide you with quick and easy meal options for all outdoor occasions. By simply adding boiling water to you pre-prepared meals and then just waiting a few minutes before enjoying the results. It is as simple as that.

 This book will change the way you eat on your next outdoor adventure. Whether it is hot fast food on the run or a more substantial meal while relaxing while in camp, there are plenty of recipes to choose from.

It also offers you a step-by-step guide to preparing light weight food ingredients at home that will be the key to creating the many quick and easy meals you can enjoy on the trail.