End to End New Zealand

Following the Te Araroa Trail on a 3,000 km journey from Cape Reinga to Bluff by Paul Garland. Published in November 2012.

Printed in NZ, soft cover, SRA5 format, featuring 200 pages in full colour. Walking the length of New Zealand has long been a burning ambition of mine, and with the opening of the Te Araroa trail in 2011, this all became a possibility. Through the pages of this book I have taken the reader on a personal journey the length of New Zealand, from Cape Reinga on the tip of the North Island, to the small coastal town of Bluff at the very bottom of the South Island. This is not just any journey, but a long and exciting daily journey, covering over 3,000 km, taking a total of 152 days, with every one filled with the magic and adventure of life on the trail.

It is a great book for anyone interested in the New Zealand outdoors, whether you want to walk the Te Araroa Trail or not. You don’t have to be an outdoor adventurer to fully enjoy this experience. All you need to do is just sit back in your armchair and read all about it. This book is a carefully crafted account of the daily life of what is known in long distance walking terms as the “through walker”. I have written about my adventures just as they happened, warts and all, through rain, hail or shine. Taking in all the scenery and adventure this country has to offer. I hope you enjoy the journey as it unfolds, as much as I have done in making it happen.