Lemon Chicken


Fast and Light Meal Options

If you are looking to go on a multi day extended trip somewhere and with no chance for a re-supply drop, then you will need to start looking at light weight food options, like those outlined in the my book – Fast and Light. You can eat well on as little as 600g per person per day.

Look at the weights of some of these meals (for two persons):

  • Sage and Lemon Chicken with brown rice – dry weight 155g
  • Malay Beef on brown rice – dry weight 215g
  • Sweet Fruit Curry on basmati rice – dry weight 185g
  • Vegetable Korma with couscous – dry weight 230g

Long distance or multi day tramping trips require a lot more planning to achieve a good balance of interesting and light weight meals. Commercially available freeze dried meals are one option, but some people are not that keen on them. So for many keen trampers, campers and kayaks, a look towards using readily available dehydrated food items is the start of their menu planning. However it is not just a case of throwing together a heap of dehydrated ingredients. If you want to create some truly interesting and tasty camp meals from dried and dehydrated ingredients it requires a lot of trial and error to get it right.