Campfire cooking can be great fun – join us as we explore the options

From cooking on an open fire to preparing a tramping meal on a portable gas stove, it is all great fun, but sometimes it’s also a challenge. Join us as we explore the options and share our adventures.

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Laksa Noodle Soup

November 19, 2015

This is a lovely spicy soup with all the flavours of South East Asia, combined with easy to prepare rice noodles. The dried shrimps are best with a little pre-soaking but otherwise this is a simple and quick soup to make. You can use the selection of spices below or just buy one of those …

Mushroom and Pepper Stir Fry with Noodles

June 1, 2015

This is a very simple little stir fry meal from my Fast and Light cook book that serves 2 people and has a dry weight of only 185g, plus noodles. I have used thick egg (Hokkien) noodles, with some interesting background flavours and this makes a pleasant change from other standard pasta dishes. It is …

Camp Oven Bacon and Sausage Risotto

February 1, 2015

This is an easy no fuss cooking option and has been a long time favourite over many camping trips. Normally we would use a frying pan or camp billy, but sometimes we are lucky enough to find a camp oven left behind in some of the older backcountry huts. These camp ovens are great for …