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Mushroom and Pepper Stir Fry with Noodles

This is a very simple little stir fry meal from my Fast and Light cook book that serves 2 people and has a dry weight of only 185g, plus noodles. I have used thick egg (Hokkien) noodles, with some interesting background flavours and this makes a pleasant change from other standard pasta dishes. It is very quick and easy to prepare, using only one pot. You can mix and match the vegetables, using either fresh or dehydrated to suit your taste. If you use fresh vegetables, then stir fry them in the normal manner with a little cooking oil. The recipe below is for dehydrated vegetables. Use dried egg noodles if you want to keep the weight down.
Home made stir fry sauce: make up this sauce at home and store it in a small plastic screw top bottle. Combine 1 tablespoon of each of the following – clear honey, sweet soy sauce, oyster sauce and sweet chilli sauce, with 1 teaspoon of crushed ginger and crushed garlic. Otherwise just buy a small packet of stir fry sauce.

½ cup dried mushrooms (try porcine or shitake)
½ cup dehydrated green beans
¼ cup dehydrated red peppers
¼ cup dried onion
2 cups Hokkien or dried egg noodles
1 teaspoon cornflour

Soak all the dried vegetables in 2 cups of hot water for 15 minutes, add the noodles and then bring it all to a low boil for another 5 minutes or until the vegetables are soft.
Drain off any surplus liquid. Mix the cornflour into the sauce, then stir the sauce mixture into the vegetables and noodles. Warm it through gently again before serving into meal bowls.